Today in the modern world we have so much technology its not even funny. The world has let technology competely take over, we as people let technology do everything for us. I was watching on tv just the other day that they had made a car that stops for you so you don’t have to push the brake if you dont want to. My opinion i think that is just being ” LAZY”, and we have a lot of people like that today in the world and its because of technology. We have created something that is smarter than us and we as people made it.


My opinion on Pregnant women smoking!!!!

In class we had a discussion on pregnant women and how some if them tend to smoke while they are pregnant. Well my opinion on this is that it is very “STUPID” and women that do it should even be allow to have a babe and not just by smoking, if you do any drugs while you are pregnant then you should be able to have your babe. Because all your doing is making the babe’s body worse instead of trying to have it health. To me women should even be allow to purchase drugs while pregnant it should be against the law.

My text!

I choose this online text from the “Polaris Project” it is a organization that has come together to try and prevent human trafficking from happening. This organization has helped so me people and has also help change their lives. This project was created by a man who witness human trafficking his self and he didn’t believe it until he saw it. So this made him change his mind because he knew that was somebody mother, daughter, sister, aunt, or wife that was getting sold for money.


I am a big fan of every Twilight thats has came out. I have been to the movies to see every one and I enjoy watching them by myself. IM=m excited to see the next one because i know its gona be the best because it the last. You know they always save the best for last 🙂


Hurricane Katrina


August 29, 2005 at 6:00 p.m was a terrible day for New Orleans and its people. They faced one of the worlds most strongest hurricane it was called “Katrina”. Katrina killed thousands of people and destroys alot of homes that people stayed in. To this very day they are still recovering from this storm.

2012 Summer!!!!!

Im the type of girl that loves the summer time. I dont care if it is hot as hell outside i still love it because i feel like i have no worrys in the world and its like the best time of the year to me. Another reason because i get to swim and wear shorts and i love both. Im just excited to see what this SUMMER has in store 😉